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The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16

In this prayer list section you will be able to submit a prayer of what you would like the Comforter to pray to the Lord on your behalf.You must fill out the form to submit your prayer request. Please check this section often because your name and your prayer request will be posted. There will be an asterisk next to your name to indicate that your request for prayer has been granted.

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Submitted by:
Kawakab Zawaharah*
Brooklyn NY
 2012-10-10 @ 09:17:20

SHALOM To the God Sent Comforter
Sir can you please send this prayer up on my behalf
YHWH Please forgive me and my husband for any sins that we may have committed against you. Thawadah YHWH for all that you provide for me and my family. Lord please preserve our souls and allow and help us to always do thy will. Bless and watch over my children, especially my oldest son help him to get right please put a positive spirit on him. Teach him how to fight the devil and all evil spirits from around him. I ask that you strengthen me and guide me. Take away all my fears, worries and help me be more spiritual. YHWH please protect my unborn child and allow him or her to grow strong and healthy. Thawadah for allowing me to see m unborn child kick today even though I am not very far along. Please help my body fight these head aches and any other sickness that I am feeling. Lord increase my faith and help me cast all my cares upon you. Please heal me from any possible future illnesses and help me carry my child to full term with out any complications. Lord I ask that you send your angels to watch over me, my husband, my children and loved ones. Thawadah for my husband and thawadah for giving us another chance together. Please allow us all to walk in the Kingdom of Heaven together. Please YHWH allow us the finances to move to a bigger home with less violence and more space for our growing family. Cleanse and wash my husband and help him fight the flesh. YHWH please don't allow anything or anyone to come between our marriage give us the spirit to always fight for this marriage and to stay together. Please strengthen my marriage and our family. Keep us focused and help us not to stray from the truth and from each other. Thawadah YHWH for The God Sent Comforter and the Holy Apostles please always keep them in good health.
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
 2012-10-10 @ 04:42:24

Shalom to the God-sent comforter send this prayer on my behalf sir,

I ask that the Holy One of Israel heal my mother, my aunt's son from their sickness and make them whole. Forgive me and my family for all the sins, cleanse out all our impurities and wash us thoroughly. Keep my aunt strong through her financial situations and I pray that my dad get the full time request he ask for at his job. Direct my path in truth as well as being the righteous man you have called me to be. Strengthen me to stay in the spirit to fight off the negativity. Keep my sister safe in Puerto Rico and give her the daily bread she needs to be stable. Protect my family from those other forces. Give me more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to stand up against the wiles of the devil. Lord God Almighty, help me pass this Language/Social Studies test that I'm getting ready to take with a score of 700 or higher and to get the money to pay for it. Open the windows of Heaven and pour me out a blessing to get the job offering I applied for in the electronics department. Praise YHWH for all the blessings, High Holy Days, and mercy he gave the Nation of Israel in the name of Jesus Christ thawadah thamyad ahmen.
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
Fathe Please Have Mercy*
 2012-10-10 @ 12:42:26

O Holy Comforter of the nation of God, I come to the Most High and Christ humbly asking if you could please send up this prayer for me to the Lord God Almightly in my behalf. Thawadah forever for everything that you do.

O Righteous and Holy Father, my strength, hope, king, righteousness and salvation. Blessed art thou in all the universe Lord God. I come to thee O Lord humbly and in great sorrow Father God. Father I thank you for allowing me and my family to see another day. Please have pity and mercy Lord God on our souls. Search my heart Lord God search my soul if there is any wickedness found in me please remove it far from me and cleanse me whole with the blood of thy precious and Holy Son. Let no evil spirits have dominion over me, help me and my husband fight all these demonic forces with thy spirit and word. Lord God without you we are doomed and are nothing. Father please forgive any sins we have committed knowling and unknowling. Lead us on the path to perfection and set a clean slate before us Lord God. We only want to please thee and be thy examples here on earth as thy son's and daughter's. Keep us focused on thee Lord God to walk circumspect and overcome all of satan's devices through you. Please strengthen us Lord to overcome this wicked world and this flesh that profiteth nothing. Teach us to overcome all evil and walk always in thy spirit. Father I hate this world but, I know we have to endure these battles and pass this test and lesson thou has set before us due to our sins. Please Lord God be not angry with us forever but, have mercy and compassion on our souls and save us from the fiery pits of hell. Please save me and my family from this darkness and keep us in thy light. I only desire my children to be raised in truth within thy holy gates. Save us Father from the wiles of devil and let us not be destroyed. I never want to bring shame to you again Father God and only desire righteousness love and truth to be bestowed on my family. May your love and mercy for Israel endure forever. Lord God lead me to be the virtuous woman, wife and mother that thou ordainest me to be. I know all things are possible through you Lord God if we believe in thee with a whole heart. I completely turn to you Father God because you are the only one that can restore everything back in order. Please pour thy spirit upon my marriage and my household that we overcome all this evil with good and love. Thou knowest the desires of my heart and I place my life in thy hands Father. You are the only true God, my only Father, and King, I completely trust in thee. Please don't leave me Father and I thank you forever for thy word. Have mercy Lord God on me and my husband and allow us to prove ourselves to thee, give us another chance Father God. We want to do thy will. Thawadah forever Lord for everything thou has done for our nation I will never be able to thank you and praise you enough. My heart and my soul completely cries out to thee and needs thee. Nothing is impossible with thee and I will hope in thee and fight for thy prize, thy precious kingdown till the end. Nothing is more glorious and beautiful than thee O YHWH. All glory all honor all dominion goes unto thee O YHWH. Ahbanawah ba ha sham YHWH thawadah thamyad thawadah thamyad
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
Washington, DC
 2012-10-10 @ 11:35:11

Thawadah YHWH, our Everlasting Father, thawadah always and for evermore. All praises belong unto the Father, and the Son, all praises, glory, and honor, are of the three that bear record in the highest heaven, the three that are as one. O Holy Majesty, we thank thee for blessing us with this day, we thank thee for our very lives, and all things given unto us. We thank thee for our blessings, the gift of many children, and for all of the provisions given us to keep them nourished, clothed, and covered. We thank thee for our chastisements, instructions, and corrections, O God, with thank thee for all of the admonishments and reproof, and all of the longsuffering and lovingkindness afforded us. Please continue in your perpetual love for Zion, please continue to have mercy upon this chosen people, O Lord. Thawadah, O Holy Creator, thawadah, O Omnipotent God of Israel. O Lord, our Holy Father, thank you for protecting us from all of our enemies, please continue to defend our families, and all of our nation. Deliver us from all of the day to day evils, O Lord, deliver us from all of the temptations that are daily placed before us. Forgive us for our sins, and all of our transgressions. Forgive us for all of our evil, and wicked deeds, and all of our iniquities. Deliver us from ourselves, O Father, let not our flesh cause harm to our souls. Deliver us from pernicious ways, and let us not imagine evil, or meditate malevolence against our brother. Let us be affectionate and show lovingkindness for one another, so much the more, so also, as we are blessed with thy love, the never ending love of our Holy Father, in a much better way than we could ever love, we might endeavor, ernestly, to love thy people, O God. Let us keep under ourselves, and watch also for the wellbeing and care for our neighbor, O Lord. O Merciful Father, please save our souls, please wash us throughly, and sanctify us in thy perfection. Give unto us the keys unto salvation, O God, please prepare us, and anoint us, and open the gates of everlasting life unto this congregation. Have mercy, O YHWH, have mercy upon us all, O God. Let no spot be upon us, O Holy Father, let no blemish be upon us, to be a hinderance unto our salvation. Let all of our tribulations be as yesterday, and all of our sinful, immoral ungodliness, be as a vapor that has never been. Please hear this prayer, O Lord God YHWH, let this plea for our family be heard and accepted. Please allow this prayer come unto to thee, O Lord God Almighty, please place your mercy and grace upon it. Ahbanawa, bahasham YHWH, shami zah palal, babaqashah. Bahasham YHWH, thawadah, thamyad, ahman.
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
An anonymous requester*
 2012-10-10 @ 11:06:30

Lord help me to fight these depressive thoughts. Help to overcome these demonic forces. I need your help because I am to weak to do it on my own.
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
Deeply in need*
 2012-10-10 @ 09:53:42

Shalam Holy Apostle Sir,

My prayer request is for me. I am deeply scared and I can only come to you for help. I have been struggling within myself because of what I've been through. I let the hurt and pain that someone else caused to me, I let it overcome me. And I know It's wrong. I thought I was much stronger than this. I come to you humbly amd at a low estate. Please LORD GOD strengthen my flesh andy spirit so I can learn to take these blows and get back up with out this much of a struggle. Please LORD GOD YHWH remove the hate and bitterness that I hold towards him for what he did to me and myself. For what I'm doing to myself.
Please LORD GOD make those 3 edomites suffer for what is going in now with my personal information. Please allow whomever receives my letter to rectifyy situation and replace everything with out a problem. Make those 3 edomites that's trying to be deceitful and ignorant towards me because of what has been done, please male them feel it and feel it bad.
Please LORD GOD entrust me with a large amount of finances so I could obtain a new house for my children. The situation I'm in does have me kinda scared. And to be here with the children alone, I am scared. Maybe if I lived someone where else it won't be as bad for my health. I promise you I will be responsinle with the.blessing. I pray you put it on my spirit to continue to be responsible with these funds. Also we need a new car. I really need to be in the sanctuary. I feel so weak cause I've been gone so long. My car is having so many problems. Please help us dear GOD.
Please LORD GOD YHWH I beg you to allow my husband to see and realize the pain that I am I'm so ur can understand the damgage that has been caused and.he.won't continue to.hurt me. I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of feeling the way I do. Please LORD GOD bless us with finances so we can move closer and be a Since the beginning of my marriage o have never felt like a family. Or have I ever felt wanted. Please LORD GOD help me to feel wanted and beautiful, I have no one in my life to give me that encouragment besides you.

Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
Father you make all possible*
 2012-10-10 @ 08:30:02

Shalam To :The Godsent Comforter

Sir please petition










Thank Your Sir

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May 15, 2010

Praise the Lord for all he does for the Nation of Israel! Praise the Lord for the God sent Comforter Apostle & Chief High Priest Tazadaqyah for giving us the Wisdom and Knowledge to keep us stable in these Evil and trying times. On Friday May 7, 2010 The Comforter taught a powerful class at World Head Quarters New York City that those who were there should take heed to and those that are in the World living life as if God does not exist should be aware and be warned as the Lord spoke through the prophet Esdras in the 15th chapter and the 5th verse of the Second book “Behold saith the Lord, I will bring plagues upon the World”; and truly we are living in a time that is more evil than the time of Noah. As the Comforter stated to the congregation that one should expect the unexpected as the days go on and evil increases but those who serve and fear the Lord be not afraid. But, “all the unfaithful shall die in their unfaithfulness.” In these days where death and destruction are prominent on earth on a daily basis with all that is happening globally from the storms and earthquakes that the Lord is unleashing on the Earth to the evil devices of man’s imaginations committing unspeakable crimes that are hard to even utter. You have to be a complete fool to walk around sinning and still living life recklessly with all the signs that are on the Earth showing that our Lord Jesus Christ (YHWH) draweth near to redeem the Holy Nation, the Israelites and avenge us on our enemies and Judge the wicked of our Nation who have turned their back on God and served the Devil rather than God. Israel, be of good cheer because as God stated in II Esdras 15:11 “But I will bring them with a mighty hand and a stretched out arm and smite Egypt (America) with plagues as before…..” Israel the time is now!!!!!Praise the Lord!!!!


February 23, 2010

What a wonderful last three weeks within the nation of Israel. From February 5 when the Comforter taught a very powerful and exciting class on the Sabbath reminding Israel how Holy and Special we are and that there is nothing better on earth than being an Israelite. When you look at the history of the nation of Israel, many great men have come out of the linage and heritage of God, the Israelites, like Jesus Christ the greatest man to walk the earth, Moses, King David, Solomon and now in this time, the God Sent Comforter Apostle & Chief High Priest Tazadaqyah and the list can go on and on….The following week on February 14 the first ground breaking Banathmatazawath was conducted and the order of the Holy Women began. Then again on February 19 the Comforter returned to World Headquarters to bless the nation with another message from Christ about being patient and not losing patience on waiting for God and reminding us that we are to present ourselves a living sacrifice as written in the book of Romans and doing the will of God is first in our lives. Finally; but important another ground breaking Banathmatazawath was conducted and was out of this world. Many described it  as amazing, phenomenal, incredible, out of this world and even magical and it truly was all of the said mention and more. Our eyes were truly blessed for those who were witnesses to these Holy Events that took place the past two weeks. The beautiful thing about it is that it will only continue, this is just the beginning, so Israel look forward to the other events that will be taking place the next couple of months and forward. Qam Yasharahla, RISE ISRAEL, THE TIME IS DEFINITELY NOW!!!!!!!!


[January 10, 2010]
“He Had a Dream” How powerful was this class taught by the Comforter. For those who were able to get this lesson this January 1, 2010 In New York Headquarters. Ask yourself how blessed we are to receive the understanding that came out. How great are our fore fathers; like Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph, and Daniel, just to name few that were given dreams by God that were true and faithful. Not false dreams that man boast about reaching the mountain top and never really did. Not false dreams that one dreams in his bed at night and thinks the world revolves around them. Not false dreams that were not sent by God, but dreams that pertain to the whole Nation of Israel and its future and the fulfillment of God’s word to his prophets and to his Chosen people the nation of Israel. The Nation of Israel truly is living out the word of God as it states in the book of Daniel Chapter 2 verse 44. As the Comforter makes major power moves as commanded to him by Jesus Christ (YHWH) the Nation of Israel will only rise, so we must remain righteous and keep the commandments of God. RISE ISRAEL THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!

[September 28, 2009]
How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things! On Friday September 25, 2009 the Comforter surprised the congregation in New York. He taught the Sabbath evening class and delivered the message, "Woe unto you that have lost patience!" When we worry, we have lost patience with the Lord. When we complain, we have lost patience with the Lord. So, as the Comforter asked the congregation in NYC, “Are you really with God? Are you really in the Truth?” Remember Israel, the truth has always been about waiting. As spoken by the Prophet Isaiah, and other prophets in the bible, "I WAITED patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.”

From Friday to Sunday September 27, 2009, the Holy Day of Atonement, the Lord sent the Comforter to deliver two powerful messages and lessons that were very much needed and right on time. Truly the Lord hears his children. The Lord will never forsake or leave us alone, but we must make sure we KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS AND REMAIN RIGHTEOUS, and focus on all the things the Lord wants us to do to receive that eternal life. So remember Israel, as The Comforter informed us, "God is ready to forgive, so let’s move forward and shine like our Lord Jesus Christ (YHWH)”. Rise Israel. We are still in the time of Glory!