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The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16

In this prayer list section you will be able to submit a prayer of what you would like the Comforter to pray to the Lord on your behalf.You must fill out the form to submit your prayer request. Please check this section often because your name and your prayer request will be posted. There will be an asterisk next to your name to indicate that your request for prayer has been granted.

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Submitted by:
lyatta boyd*
 2013-04-04 @ 02:40:56

Heyy lord its me again...I wanna say thank you love for blessing me even tho I didn't deserve it....I ask lord my heart is heavy I pray lord that you bless me with this job opportunity and that you bless me so that I may having a place of my own....lord forgive me of sins and heal myheary that's has been broken....lord I don't know this this man's intensions but if they are not of you set me free of him....lord please bring my sister home forgive her of her mistakes and allow her safe return home.....thank you lord...

Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
 2013-04-04 @ 02:35:09

Shalam to the Holy Comforter

Please pray for me

Dear merciful lord thank you greatly for you for being you and showing great mercy to me and my family lord please heal my daughter she is feeling sick please help feel better they are sayi g it's asthma please have mercy to heal her atha

Thawadah sir for all you do In His holy name

In this your holy name i pray my request is granted
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
Naahman Chaarawtazaban*
Columbus, OH
 2013-04-04 @ 01:57:36

Shalam to the Holy Apostle and Chief High Priest, The Holy GOD Sent Comforter, I ask you Sir to go to the Most High and Jesus Christ on my behalf and pray that the LORD blesses me and my courtship, that we continue to build on our relationship, and that we receive the blessing to get married, that we will go through life together, that we may become aged together, and that we be with one another uprightly. That you bless me with all my financial obligtions that I am accountable for in the truth and outside of the truth. I ask that the LORD blesses me with more than enough to pay my remaining balance for my raffle tickets, I truly need the LORD, He is the only one that can provide for me and bring me out of this situation. I ask that you pray that the LORD blesses me with more than enough finances for a beautiful wedding, reception, to move when that time comes, and the LORD blesses the work of my hands. I ask that the LORD blesses us with the principle things in life that we need together. I also ask that you pray that I can be the father of children and that I train up my children in the way to go and they depart not from it. I ask that you pray that the LORD be merciful upon me and forgive me for the wrongs that I have done. Please pray that each day I walk in the truth i get more excellent in the spirit and completely cut off the flesh. I ask that the LORD open up a church in Columbus with a Hebrew Academy and flood the church with believers. I ask that the LORD watch over and protect the believers and that LORD send more laborers into the vineyard and that I be faithful with my ten pounds and the LORD receive it again with usury.That the LORD increases my strength, faith, and makes me a fisher of men and that I perform my office and duties as a general diligently and successfully. I want to say thawadah to The Most High and Christ Jesus for The Comforter and for this prayer list.Thawadah for going to the MOST HIGH and JESUS CHRIST with this prayer on my behalf. Shalam
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
An anonymous requester*
 2013-04-04 @ 01:34:57

Shalam Holy Apostle and Chief High Priest Tazadaqyah,

Sir, please pray this prayer request, thawadah.

Almighty Jesus Christ, please bless and keep safe Holy Apostle and Chief High Priest Tazadaqyah. Please bless him with all the things he needs. Thawadah, thamyad, amen.
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
 2013-04-04 @ 12:39:30

Shalom to the God-sent comforter send this prayer on my behalf sir,

I ask that GOD remove the excess water in my dad lungs that causing to breathe abnormally. Help my mother in the condition she's in to overcome he mental illness. O King of Israel, heal from this pain I can't think or speak clearly because these aches I'm feeling everyday in my head. Forgive me and my family for the sins we committed against you. Guide my path in truth being the righteous man you call me to be. I also ask for spiritual protection against the evil forces that's trying invade my zone. Increase my wisdom, knowledge, understanding to fight off the wiles of the devil. Lord God I know your ears are not heavy to hear, grant me this prayer. Find a way for us to pay the rent my dad been in the hospital for two weeks now. Thanks YHWH for everything he does for the Nation of Israel thawada thamyad ahmen.
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
 2013-04-04 @ 11:41:10

Thawadah, O Lord God of Israel for all things given unto us. Thawadah for your mercy for our families, and for your forgiveness and long suffering for our nation. Thawadah, O Lord God YHWH, our Holy Everlasting Father, thawadah always and for evermore for your merciful loving kindness and compassion. Thawadah, O Lord God Almighty, for tending unto us, and for seeing to our protection, our health, and our well being. O Holy Father of Zion, please continue to purify us, please continue to wash us, O Lord, please continue to prepare us to meet thy Father, the Omnipotent Ancient of days. Please continue to gather together the outcast of Israel, O Lord, please continue to bless the scattered sheep with sight to see, that they might understand and return home unto thee. O Holy Shepherd of the flock, please bless those that have sought thee, please allow them to meet Wisdom that they might be sent to the proper place of the knowledge of salvation. Please let them be sent, and let them come to your holy sanctuary, where they, and their house, and all of their children's children for all generations might be saved. Let them be led, and let them be taught Truth, O Lord God of Israel. Let the true Jews return, O Lord, and let their heritage and their power be restored. Let them find the true doctrine of faith and belief, let them find the true doctrine of the salvation of the Living God. Let them come into the true Body Of Christ, O Lord. Let them be shown the right path to The Kingdom, O God. Let them be shown the lighted path to The Israelite Church Of God In Jesus Christ, that they all are taught the doctrine of life through the precepts of God unto holiness. Let them learn well, O Lord God of Israel, let them cleave unto your word, and be given the keys to perfection and everlasting life. Let your beloved children find all that they have been seeking for in perfection, O God. Let them be taught by your Holy Spirit of Truth. Let the Blacks and Native Americans, and the West Indians and Caribbeans, and the Hispanic and Latino Tribes of Israel, come to their rightful state of glory. Bless them to see, O Lord, heal them, and sanctify their souls. Let them find knowledge and understanding, and let Wisdom dwell again with them, and be their teacher. Let all Israel be purged, and forgiven, let them all be returned into one place. Let their sins be upon them no more, O Lord, let them be brought into thy Holy Gates, even the Holy City that you have prepared, and made ready for them only. Be merciful to all Israel, the true children of God. Save them, O Lord, please save them all, O God. Have mercy and compassion according to your perpetual loving kindness and long suffering, O Lord God YHWH, have mercy and forgiveness according to your Holy Promise in thy Holy Name. Ahman.
Prayer Request  

Submitted by:
shawamiah tawab*
orlando fl
 2013-04-04 @ 11:17:52

Shalam holy apostles, please guide my prayer to my heavenly father on my behalf: please lord god have all ur mercy and forgiveness on my soul. Please clense me with all righteousness and cast all demonds and satan far from me my husband and our home.cast all righteous spirits of sarah and abrhaam up my husband and I.bless us with much wisdom,knowledge,understanding,strength,and patience. Please god send me ur healing angel to heal the hurt that I hold within me. And guide me to recovery from this hard time I endure. Please don't let me feel alone anymore. Show and make my husband undersatnd how I feel inside. Send him to me and help me overcome this sad moment in our lives. I know ur will is powerful and if this is it please heal me and keep me strong and send another blessing to me. Please keep my womb open my marriage lord. Increase love,kindness,communication, and respect. Bring my love back to me. Bring back happiness between over us and keep us in good health and financly stable. Thawadah thawadah thawadah yhwh for this truth and for ur lessons I love u lord. Please I leave this all in ur hands, and let ur will done.

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May 15, 2010

Praise the Lord for all he does for the Nation of Israel! Praise the Lord for the God sent Comforter Apostle & Chief High Priest Tazadaqyah for giving us the Wisdom and Knowledge to keep us stable in these Evil and trying times. On Friday May 7, 2010 The Comforter taught a powerful class at World Head Quarters New York City that those who were there should take heed to and those that are in the World living life as if God does not exist should be aware and be warned as the Lord spoke through the prophet Esdras in the 15th chapter and the 5th verse of the Second book “Behold saith the Lord, I will bring plagues upon the World”; and truly we are living in a time that is more evil than the time of Noah. As the Comforter stated to the congregation that one should expect the unexpected as the days go on and evil increases but those who serve and fear the Lord be not afraid. But, “all the unfaithful shall die in their unfaithfulness.” In these days where death and destruction are prominent on earth on a daily basis with all that is happening globally from the storms and earthquakes that the Lord is unleashing on the Earth to the evil devices of man’s imaginations committing unspeakable crimes that are hard to even utter. You have to be a complete fool to walk around sinning and still living life recklessly with all the signs that are on the Earth showing that our Lord Jesus Christ (YHWH) draweth near to redeem the Holy Nation, the Israelites and avenge us on our enemies and Judge the wicked of our Nation who have turned their back on God and served the Devil rather than God. Israel, be of good cheer because as God stated in II Esdras 15:11 “But I will bring them with a mighty hand and a stretched out arm and smite Egypt (America) with plagues as before…..” Israel the time is now!!!!!Praise the Lord!!!!


February 23, 2010

What a wonderful last three weeks within the nation of Israel. From February 5 when the Comforter taught a very powerful and exciting class on the Sabbath reminding Israel how Holy and Special we are and that there is nothing better on earth than being an Israelite. When you look at the history of the nation of Israel, many great men have come out of the linage and heritage of God, the Israelites, like Jesus Christ the greatest man to walk the earth, Moses, King David, Solomon and now in this time, the God Sent Comforter Apostle & Chief High Priest Tazadaqyah and the list can go on and on….The following week on February 14 the first ground breaking Banathmatazawath was conducted and the order of the Holy Women began. Then again on February 19 the Comforter returned to World Headquarters to bless the nation with another message from Christ about being patient and not losing patience on waiting for God and reminding us that we are to present ourselves a living sacrifice as written in the book of Romans and doing the will of God is first in our lives. Finally; but important another ground breaking Banathmatazawath was conducted and was out of this world. Many described it  as amazing, phenomenal, incredible, out of this world and even magical and it truly was all of the said mention and more. Our eyes were truly blessed for those who were witnesses to these Holy Events that took place the past two weeks. The beautiful thing about it is that it will only continue, this is just the beginning, so Israel look forward to the other events that will be taking place the next couple of months and forward. Qam Yasharahla, RISE ISRAEL, THE TIME IS DEFINITELY NOW!!!!!!!!


[January 10, 2010]
“He Had a Dream” How powerful was this class taught by the Comforter. For those who were able to get this lesson this January 1, 2010 In New York Headquarters. Ask yourself how blessed we are to receive the understanding that came out. How great are our fore fathers; like Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph, and Daniel, just to name few that were given dreams by God that were true and faithful. Not false dreams that man boast about reaching the mountain top and never really did. Not false dreams that one dreams in his bed at night and thinks the world revolves around them. Not false dreams that were not sent by God, but dreams that pertain to the whole Nation of Israel and its future and the fulfillment of God’s word to his prophets and to his Chosen people the nation of Israel. The Nation of Israel truly is living out the word of God as it states in the book of Daniel Chapter 2 verse 44. As the Comforter makes major power moves as commanded to him by Jesus Christ (YHWH) the Nation of Israel will only rise, so we must remain righteous and keep the commandments of God. RISE ISRAEL THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!

[September 28, 2009]
How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things! On Friday September 25, 2009 the Comforter surprised the congregation in New York. He taught the Sabbath evening class and delivered the message, "Woe unto you that have lost patience!" When we worry, we have lost patience with the Lord. When we complain, we have lost patience with the Lord. So, as the Comforter asked the congregation in NYC, “Are you really with God? Are you really in the Truth?” Remember Israel, the truth has always been about waiting. As spoken by the Prophet Isaiah, and other prophets in the bible, "I WAITED patiently for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.”

From Friday to Sunday September 27, 2009, the Holy Day of Atonement, the Lord sent the Comforter to deliver two powerful messages and lessons that were very much needed and right on time. Truly the Lord hears his children. The Lord will never forsake or leave us alone, but we must make sure we KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS AND REMAIN RIGHTEOUS, and focus on all the things the Lord wants us to do to receive that eternal life. So remember Israel, as The Comforter informed us, "God is ready to forgive, so let’s move forward and shine like our Lord Jesus Christ (YHWH)”. Rise Israel. We are still in the time of Glory!