Thankful: Thawadah Lord God Almighty for another beautiful Sabbath
Thankful: Thawadah Lord God Almighty for everything
Tayamawathyawas: Shabath Shalam to the Lord's Saints
True Saint: Shabbath Shalom to the Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD!!!
Yash: Shabath Shalam Yasharahla!
Tawab Parya: Shalom to the Holy People and Chosen Nation of GOD ALMIGHTY!!! I.C.G.J.C. That is. May you all have an amazing Sabbath and a peaceful and Perfect Day with Our Lord Our King Our God And Our Saviour The ALMIGHTY POWER JESUS CHRIST!!!! Shabath Shalom
Ahbashalam: Happy Purim!!! Isreal!!
Shout: Righteous be bold as a lion HAPPY PURIM ISRAEL!!!
Thaqawahya: Happy Purim loves!