Jumanai Cox: Praise The Almighty YHWH!!!
Jumanai Cox: Shabbath Shalam and Praise The Almighty and Merciful God for The Sabbath Day! Praise Him for His Truth! Praise Him for His Great Goodness and Long-suffering toward sinners! Thank You, LORD for Your Mercy!
Shout: Be at peace
Ahwarshamasha: Praise God for another day in the Truth!!! Duck and dodge all wickedness from yourself and anybody else! Stay focused!!!! Glory be to the Lord God!
Tazanwinasayakah: Shalam my Family
Rawchaa Ahmatha: Praise God for another day in the Truth! Shalam to the Holy Nation, I pray we all have a beautiful day!
MALAK-NYC: Lord God have mercy upon my wife please Lord.
CP Shalamah: Praise God for the truth!!!
Sir yash: Shalam icgjc !!!