trevor john: bless up ISRAEL....
RayachNapash: Sabbath Shalam Yasharahla
AhhabYadiah: Shabath Shalam Israel! Praise God Almighty! Qam Yasharahla!
Yash: Peaceful Sabbath Night!
Sister: Shalam to the Nation of the Most HIGH GOD
P.Rec.TawabParya: All praises honour glory thanks respect recognition acknowledgment undying and unconditional love to the Almighty Power Jesus Christ the Love of my life and my first love.So much love and respect to the lovers of God and there fellow israelite brothers and sisters of the household of faith. i will go to my grave with the love of God in my heart for you all. beloved family. God speed.
HB: Shabbath Shalam!!!!
Yash: Shalam to the greatest people on Earth! ICGJC!!
P.Rec.TawabParya: Let us now praise famous MEN. Holy and Devout Jews of a higher pedigree. this is the stock that we come from. such an honour and privilege to be part of such greatness.